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Heartstart Philips with bag - English voice instructions

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Philips/Laerdal heartstarter will give you a feel of safety because you know that you can save a life. Why? Because the chance to save a life increases from 7% to 75% if you have a heartstarter close by when a heart stops.

With minimal training you will be able to safe the life of a co-worker, a friend or a family member. Why take a gamble? 

Easy to use
Philips/Laerdal heartstarter can be used at any time, anywhere by anyone. The voice instructions are clear and delivered with a calm voice that step by step will guide you. If you miss one instruction, it will be repeated. That is the geniality of Philips heartstarter. 

Always ready for use
The Philips heartstarter HS1 has an extensive self-test protocol that will test the vital parts of the heartstarter daily,weekly and monthly to ensure the functionality. A blinking light shows you that the heartstarter is ok and ready for use.

Philips stands for quality in whatever they do. Proof? Philips is by fare the number one brand in the world of defibrillators, with a market share of around a staggering 35%. 

Included in the package

  • 1 st Philips HS1 heartstarter with english voice instructions
  • 1 st case
  • 1 par electrodes
  • 1 st battery


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