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Audiometer Entomed SA203 F1701-2205
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SA 203 is a manual / automatic, true two-channel, diagnostic audiometer with full frequency and output range for pure tone air, bone conduction, and synchronized narrow band masking possibilities. Its patented digital design and RoHS compatibility makes it well adapted to the modern, environmentally aware user. SA 203 is user friendly, robust, and reliable; yet its light-weight design makes it ideal for
frequent field use. Built-in talk forward microphone is for convenient communication with the test subject.

SA 203 has a set-up menu for programming according to individual needs. In addition, it stores up to 50 audiograms, with date, time and personal identification, allowing for hard copy prints and/or transfer to a computer at any time. SA 203 is ideal for hearing threshold and diagnostic determination, designed for frequent practice and portable field use. The audiometer calibrates to TDH39/DD45/DD65v2 earphones,
and Radioear B71 bone vibrator.


The Entomed product line is medical grade and can be cleaned on a regular basis using the standard 70% Isopropyl Alcohol wipes used on hospital equipment


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Special capabilities
-Built-in talk forward microphone with volume control
-Internal memory - stores up to 50 complete audiograms in non-volatile memory
-Synchronized masking - The level of masking will automatically track with the stimulus level
-Hard copy print-outs to any PCL 5 printer, via optional SA 07 printer interface cable
-Computer interface, via optional RS 232 computer cable
-RS 232 interface



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